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Some Tips for Picture Day
Does your school have picture day coming up? Here are a few tips to help your child achieve their best look.

First, it is a good idea to use a neutral background. With a neutral brown or gray background, your child will stand out better. It also won?t be difficult to make sure your child is dressed in a complementary color. 

Pick out the outfit your child is to wear on picture day the night before. Let them help select what he/she will be wearing and make sure it is something they will be comfortable in. When a child has had a say in what they wear, he/she will feel good about himself and that will show in the photograph. Avoid shirts with slogans!

Help your child have a good hair day. Get their hair cut a week or two before picture day so they look clean cut while still giving it time to grow out a little and look natural. Remember, a complicated hair style might not withstand recess or gym and school schedules do not allow much time for hairstyling.

Don?t forget to pack a safe lunch. This tip is especially important for small children prone to spilling and children with braces.  Aim for foods that won?t stick in teeth. (Broccoli, spinach, corn on the cob, chips, chocolate, grape juice, etc.) Ketchup can also be dangerous.

Is Lifetouch your school photographer? Make sure to check the website Retailmenot for coupon codes that can give you a discount on your package if you order online. I have two kids in school so saving money is a bonus. Last time I looked there was a 10% off coupon, $10 off $40 and also a 20% of $40.

If all else fails, remember there is always re-take day.

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AT&T Go Phone Review
by Joana Monteiro
DISCLOSURE: This post is sponsored. All products mentioned and reviewed on this page are compliments of AT&T. All opinions of the products are my own.

I was recently selected to try out the AT&T Go Phone service, and although I already have a phone and an AT&T contract to go along with it, I was thrilled!!
My husband is a self-proclaimed cell phone hater, and it drives me INSANE!!! We have 4 young children that attend different schools and go to different activities at different times. It is important that we are always able to contact each other in case of an emergency. So what better than a Go Phone to convince him to start using a phone!
GoPhones are a prepaid service offered by AT&T that allows you to set your own usage limits without being tied down by a contract. There are a lot of phones to choose from, including smart phones. We received the Nokia Lumia 635, which turned out to be incredibly serendipitous because it runs the Windows phone OS. This made the transition to the phone a lot easier and smoother, because it is similar to the Windows 8.1 OS that we use on our computers.

With rates starting at $25 a month, and going up to $60 a month with data included, we opted for the $60 package that offers:
-  Unlimited nationwide calls
-  Unlimited messaging
-  Unlimited text to Mexico, Canada, and over 100 countries
-  2.5GB of data, Wi-Fi hotspot capability enabled

This plan is cheaper than a contract and gives us the flexibility we need.
We travel a lot, and it is not uncommon for us to drive to VA to visit friends, to take a quick trip to Toronto (yes, you can use your GoPhone in Canada!*), or fly to Seattle for a holiday. Reliable service is the most important feature to us, and AT&T has never let us down, even where other providers don?t offer coverage!

GoPhone also offers International calling plans that can be added as needed. We added a $5 package to call our relatives abroad and the quality of the calls is fantastic! This will probably be a regular add-on package for us.

For packages that don?t include unlimited features, GoPhone also offers the option to add more data, minutes or text messages to your plan. Not sure how much data you need to add? Use the AT&T data usage calculator! And if you don?t want to add a package, then take advantage of the pay-per-use services!

We have been using our GoPhone for a few weeks now and we could not be happier. I love that I can call my husband at any time and even if he can?t answer the phone I can send him a text that I know he will get. We are always connected and having the GoPhone has made our lives a lot easier!

It is great to know that the GoPhone is flexible enough to work with our current needs and that we can decide to upgrade in the future.

* To use your GoPhone in Canada and Mexico no additional services are needed. Calling and texting rates can be found on the AT&TGoPhone page.

United We Stand, You Are Forever In Our Hearts 9/11/01 #America #freedom #9/11/01
We can never forget that fateful day 13 years ago when all of America was changed forever.
What were you doing at the moment the twin towers fell is a question I often hear asked on our forums, do you remember what you were doing? How has your life changed since then? We all have different answers, some good, some bad, some very sad. One thing we can say is that we still live in America, land of the free! United we stand! 
Forever the victims of September 11 will stay in our hearts along with all the many soldiers that have died fighting for our freedom since 9/11. 

United We Stand ~ You Are Forever In Our Hearts 
Dedicated to those lost in the September 11,2001 terrorist attacks 

Video post below- click to view So Awesome! 



Leslie B

Crafty Kids: DIY Shaving Cream Paint Creations #crafts #kids

Crafty Kids: DIY Shaving Cream Paint Creations
Rheney Williams-Guest Blogger

For moms who grew up in the '80s like I did, you'll probably remember those spinning art toys that let you create splashes and spiral smears of paint. You know ? there was a spinning platform with paper exposed underneath, you dropped dots of paint into the middle and the spinning motion and centrifugal force pulled the paint out to the edges of the circle and you were left with these crazy, tie-died-looking paintings? 

Although the toys have changed over the years, a kid's (and kids at heart!) basic desire to see swirls of paint and crazy combinations of colors hasn't. And an old-school product is making new spiral innovations possible: Shaving cream! All you need are a few basic supplies and you and your kids can have hours of creative and colorful fun with a beautiful piece of artwork to show for it at the end of the day. 

Gather the materials for your shaving cream paint projects. You'll need: 
  • Foam Shaving Cream (not the gel)
  • Paints in an assortment of colors
  • Heavy card stock or construction paper
  • Spatula or ruler
  • Skewer or little fingers!
  • Large cookie sheet or use smaller individual trays, one for each child

Tip: To make clean-up a breeze (and avoid having to buy a disposable tray), line the cookie sheet with aluminum foil first. Then all you have to do is remove the foil and you're done! 

 1. Spray a few lines of shaving cream onto the sheet and use the spatula or ruler to spread out the shaving cream flat and in a square or rectangle about the size of the paper. 
2. Add a few random dots of paint or food coloring around the shaving cream palette. 
Tip: If you have leftover paint samples from the last time you painted a room, this is a great way to use those and ensure whatever masterpiece your kids come up with coordinates with the space! 

 3. Use the skewer to make swirls with the paint in free-flowing circles or waves and if you have little kids, just let them go nuts with their fingers. 
4. Place the paper into the shaving cream with the right-side facing down so that when you pull the paper off, the paint is on the correct side. 

5. Gently push the paper into the shaving cream so that all surfaces touch and allow it to sit for about 10 seconds before carefully peeling the paper off of the shaving cream. 

6. Place the paper on a flat surface (in my case, I had another foil-lined sheet pan at the ready) and carefully scrape all of the shaving cream off of the paper to reveal the magical marbling below! 

7. Set the paper aside to dry thoroughly and if the edges start to curl, place a glass or other heavy object on the corners to keep them down during drying. 

From here, take some time to admire your work and see what imaginative images your kids can find! Can you spot the hidden smiley face that appeared in my swirls? In addition to your classic refrigerator pin-up, here are some other creative uses for your pint-sized Picasso's masterpiece: 
  • Make DIY bookmarks to give as Christmas gifts to the readers you love
  • Use the brown paper bags from the grocery store in your shaving cream paint project and have unique book covers for school next year
  • Frame it so you always have a custom piece of art in your office or work space
  • A DIY puzzle: Cut it into a bunch of different pieces that your kids can put back together and learn about how shapes and patterns relate to each other
What other cool things can you and your kids come up with for shaving cream paint creations? 

Rheney Williams is a prolific crafter with a background in theatre arts. Besides writing about projects for Home Depot, Rheney is currently putting her DIY expertise to work by remodeling her first home and experimenting with colors and textures in her home decor. Widgets

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